Engineered Venturi Products Since 1961

Fox Valve manufactures a broad range of engineered products based on one core technology: venturies, under the brand Fox Venturi Products. These range from off-the-shelf万搏体育官网登录,liquid, andmanbetxapp2.0下载 to highly qualifiedflow controlsfor spacecraft, energy research, and advanced product development projects. All can be supplied in quantities of one to five thousand per year (or more).

This website divides these products into six major categories as seen at right. All Fox products are engineered and manufactured in the USA, and all venturies under a five-inch line size are manufactured within our own facility in New Jersey, giving Fox direct control of both quality and delivery.

Fox has supplied venturi products to every industry since 1961. Yes,everyindustry. This site contains detailed product descriptions. More detailed technical information and case studies can be requested via theAsk a Questionform. Requested literature will be emailed within two hours (during normal EST business hours). If you are ready for a quote, please use ourmanbets登入 to submit your application parameters.

If you prefer to call, you will always speak with an engineer who can engage immediately in a technical discussion about your application. We can then determine whether a stock, modified standard, or custom-engineered venturi is required. Please call us at:973-328-1011.

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